Haglöfs is the winner

After very intense research, listing pros & cons and weeks of anxiety we have chosen our backpacks. The backpacks will carry all our possessions for the trails to come. The packs have to be light enough to be carried in jungle and over mountains and still sturdy to cope with everyday train, bus, plane travels. Our selection included Osprey, Fjällräven, The North Face, Lundhags, Everest and Haglöfs. We went to Naturkompaniet, Stadium, Intersport, Ahlewalds and other stores to try them on and get the feel for the packs. The best and most versatile backpack is the Haglöfs Matrix. The backpack itself is very light and is stripped of unnecessary details. You can use the straps to tighten the pack to nearly half size which is great since we will only carry 6-8 kg in the beginning but still wanted space to ‘grow’. The clips are made of strong plastic and the material is water resistent. The only problem with this pack is that you cannot lock the main compartment. We solved that problem by creating holes with metal rings. So now we can secure the main compartment using a lock with extended clasps.
Haglöfs Matrix 50 Haglöfs Matrix 60
Annika got the Matrix 50 liter in red color and I got the Matrix 50 in black. Both weigh  1,6 kg and have the same construction size.

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