13 dagar kvar

Just got back from Budapest where my fantastic friends arranged a BBQ in Petti’s backyard. As the mozzies tried to drink our blood we spoke about ancient events and how life has changed for most of us. Petti, Rani and Balasz have knocked up their wifes and are now proud parents. Zolly is fixing his house and caring for his family. Thank you mrs Ujvari for helping me with the shorts I bought from Zara. The shorts needed an extra pocket so I purchased one pair of mens underpants and cut out a piece of the material and made a back pocket.

I love Hungary, my friends, the people, food and so many more things. Its going to be a while until I will be able to walk down Vaci utca and eat my bab leves at my favorite restaurant,  but my taste buds are there every day.

13 days until departure.

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