Pualu Tioman is an wilderness island

In the morning we saw five large lizards and one huge lizard. The large ones were apprx 1 meter to 1,5 meters long. The huge lizard was apprx 2 meters long and 40 cm wide. We meet the huge one on the stairs coming down from our bungalow. The other lizards we found in a river behind the beach and next to a resort.

During the day we snorkeled and encountered cleaning fish, parrot fish, clown fish, some green and yellow fish and many others. Snorkeling at Tioman is not as great as Perhentian or Kapas. The water is murky and the coral is more or less dead. But since the fish do not care and still hang around we had the pleasure of checking them out.

In the afternoon we meet the monkeys. From the jungel behind our bungalow they came jumping, screaming, swinging and looking for food. Since our bungalow is the closest from the jungel they decided to check out the area. In the pack there were apprx 20 monkeys. A few babies, teens and angry males.

At night we shared blood with the usual mosquitos.

Pulau Tioman is nice but it has some problems. Firstly the sand flies make life a living hell for sun lovers. You lie down on the sand and voila you have a few bites. Bites from sand flies feels like mosquito bites times ten. During low tide the coral makes the beach dangerous for bare feet. Lastly the water is green from a far but murky when you want to snorkel.

Check out the pictures below:

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