Kuta impressions

“Yes boss you want bike, bike, bike, bike, bike” – Five guys calling out us as we passed them on the street. If you have seen the seagulls in the movie Finding Nemo you know what they sound like.

“Hey duuude I am too hot to walk with a T-shirt on at night” – Tourist guys walking around at night without a t-shirt in just their board shorts. The really cool ones have their sunglasses on.

“Yes you want hello miss, you want hello miss” – Guys trying to sell you Cannabis on the street but did not practice on their pronounciation.

“Yes boss, you want sandals, shoes, flopps, sandals, shooooeees” – We walk home from the beach bare foot and the shop keepers see us.

“Yes its 40.000 rupee, best price, promise” – For a hair cloth that we later purchased from the woman for 15.000 rupee.

“60.000 rupee is fixed price boss. No discount. Ok I give it to you for 50.000 rupee” – When bying bus ticket to Ubud.

“Yes, transport, transport” – Man calls out as we are entering our guesthouse.

“Yes, one two, one two you want one two” Man yelling from his kiosk. We still have not figured out what he was sellling.

All these impressions where collected today. Since we burned our faces while surfing we spent the day walking around the shopping streets of Kuta with our caps and sunglasses. We had a great time.

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