Lonely Planet – the true story

– “Hey dude, I am feeling very lonely. It’s like I am the only person left on this planet”.
– “Did you feel that warped emotion after or before we smoked that huge bong. Cause that weed is the best you can get man”
– “It just hit me dude, I am having this compulsion to write about it. I am going to call the book The Lonely Planet. It’s going to be about my imaginery travels around this planet”. “You know dude, the trips we have taken – you, me and the bong – here on the couch”.

And that is how The Lonely Planet came to be. What the Dude and the Man never aniticpated was that millions of travelers would actually buy The Lonely Planet and follow it, like it was the bible.

Some examples that prove that the authors actually never visited the area and where really high when they wrote about it:
– The beaches at Sengiggi in Lombok are black vulcanic sand. In Lonely Planet (2010 edition) they describe them as white-sand.
– The hostel in Bali have a fixed room price of 150 rupee. In the Lonely Planet they state 55 rupee.
– Paradise Beach in Gokarna, India are considered to be one of the best in Lonely Planet. The beach at the location is apprx 10 meters wide and the rest is a rock.
– We spoke to the owners of one hostel listed in Lonely Planet. According to them the facts are at least 6 years old, but they can not recall anyone from the publisher ever visiting them.

Even though Lonely Planet is a book based on the vision from two bong-heads we still buy it and follow it. Its like if we bought and followed the Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. You rock Lonely Planet!

Extract from the Lonely Planet about Sengiggi:
“You can spend a lifetime of travel in search of the perfect beach, and it would be hard to top those around Sengiggi. Think: a series of sweeping bays with white-sand beaches, coconut palms, cliff and mountain backdrops and blood red views of Balis Gunung Agung at sunset. Sengiggi has everything, except crowds”.

See below pictures. Do you think that the Dude and the Man from Lonely Planet ever visited Sengiggi. We think not.

Sengiggi beach

Sengiggi bay

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