Cool people we meet in Japan

We came across this cool dude and his oversized Scooter on our way from Tsumago in the mid west of Japan. He had been visiting Tsumago for the day with his girlfriend. On the back of his motorcycle racing gear he has a container for water and in his Pikachu helmet  a two-way Walkie Talkie system.

Oversized Scooter in Japan

Man posing with his oversized Scooter in Japan

Man with Picachoo helmet

Man with Pikachu helmet driving Scooter

We met this man outside a Temple in Kyoto. His costume and ‘character’ looks like he just left a scene from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. He was begging gifts from tourists and locals.

man from crouching tiger hidden dragon

Man from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

This must be the coolest Manga character on the planet. His posture and general attitude wins him a cool-dude-award.

Manga character

Manga character

These Japanese school girls where heading home on the subway. One of them (the one on the left) let herself go a bit and lost the otherwise very strict Japanese posture. A bold and cool move as she showed all aboard the train car that Japanese school girls can be ‘free’ while completely mesmerized by their mobile phones.

Japanese school girl play it cool

Japanese school girl play it cool

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