Major Sony fail

The day I heard of the Sony Building in Tokyo I wanted to go. In this building they show their latest innovations and coolest products. On my way to the Sony Building my heart was pounding with expectations. My mind was trying to imagine the amazing stuff they have on display there. I was dreaming of super-cameras, super-computers and super-TVs.

Sony Building in Tokyo

Sony Building in Tokyo

On the first floor the directory promised future technologies. As we entered the room we saw …… 3D TV, not even the newest version where you do not require the dorky glasses. My heart sank and I felt a tear of disappointment wanting to leave my eye socket. There was no new stuff in sight. 3D TV has been on the market for over a year now. There is nothing new about 3D-stupid-TV.  We went to the second floor, the third, the fourth and still nothing new. All they have is their regular cameras on display together with Vaio laptops and some MP3 players. On the sixth floor they have a shop where you can purchase the same old stuff that they sell in any retail store, in any part of the world.

Sony future center

Sony future centre

Sony you are so lame. I got a much bigger hard-on at the Apple store in Ginza where they just launched the new MacBook Air. So for all of you that still carry the dream of a Sony Building filled to the brim with amazing products – forget about it, like Santa its all a lie.

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