The after-party Karaoke

Is it a good idea to go and sing Karaoke after a party that involved food and drinks in great quantities? Well, we sure did think so!

As many know I usually do not drink alcohol, and to emphasize why I do not we post this informative video showing me singing “No Woman No Cry” for all to enjoy. Bob Marley I am truly sorry for killing your song. Annika who shot the video decided that we give it the  title Do Not Drink And Karaoke. Its really enough that you see this video, you do not need to tell your friends.

Karaoke is the number one option when you seek entertainment in Japan. The Karaoke centres are huge and very high-tech. In every room you get a wireless remote for your song selection (all buttons in Japanese) and a huge catalogue with hundreds of songs in both Japanese and English. As you enter you get to choose a drink and you are given a small basket with your room number and microphones. In the room you find instruments free to use. Most videos that are displayed on the multiple screens in the room show Japanese versions of the original music video. When you are in the room make sure to check the time once in a while since it really flies when you are having so much fun.

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