Budapest Airport give officals a sneak peak of their new SkyCourt

Officials from the European Union member states visited Budapest Airport this week to take a tour and review progress on the brand new SkyCourt development, partly financed from EU funds. The SkyCourt, when fully operational in March will link existing terminals 2a and 2b. and constitute a leap in the quality of passenger handling, “not only offering unique architectural solutions, but also an excellent travel experience, whilst still on the ground” according to the development group. Hungary is gearing towards becoming a central hub in Europe catering for a much wider traveller base then they have in the past.

Budapest future SkyCourt

As long as they take care of their Security Screening process and still serve Gulasch in the restaurant I will be a very happy passenger.

Maybe Budapest Airport can use this idea from Manchester Airport where they now launched Holographic Security trials. As of the end of January they  now have a pair of holographic customer service staff that brief passengers on security procedures, as they prepare to pass through airport security. So cool! I saw this for the first time in London when I attended a Research conference. Check out the video from my encounter here.

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