IATA propose security tunnels for passengers

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has submitted a proposal for a new airport security plan that focuses on passengers as opposed to what they carry.

The controversial program wants airports to create a series of tunnels for passengers to walk through as they embark or disembark flights. Each tunnel reflect the security status of individual passengers. A passenger status is based on  a biometrics analysis, combined with data provided when the flight was booked. The categories are  ‘Known Travellers’, ‘Normal Security’ or ‘Enhanced Security’.  If this crazy program would be launched they envision that the passenger tunnels would comply with security measure based on the already mentioned categories.  The ‘Known Travellers’ tunnel would see only light checks take place, checks that would be enhanced, but still kept at moderate level, in the ‘Normal’ tunnel its business as usual with taking of belts, shoes, jackets and jumpers, while ‘Enhanced Security’ would be used when needed. This is not a joke, its a serious proposal from IATA that kind of makes me think of Hitlers Germany – you go to the right and you to the left.

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