New Zealand a popular travel destination this year

New Zealand has experience a strong growth in tourism in the last couple of years. Positioning the country as the number one in danger sports such as Bungee jumping has delivered. This year the travel industry believes that tourism will reach an all-time-high due to two major events.

Firstly, the Rugby World Cup is taking place across New Zealand between 9th September and 23rd October. It’s estimated that between 85,000 and 100,000 Rugby fans will descend on the country as the All Blacks attempt to bounce back from their disappointment four years ago and triumph on home turf.

The second big draw on New Zealand’s event’s calendar in 2011 is the return of Sir Peter Jackson and crew to film The Hobbit. Having filmed The Lord of The Rings, in its entirety, in New Zealand, it seems Jackson has decided that a there’s no better stand-in for Middle Earth than his own homeland.

Lord of the rings

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