Tourists dead after boat overturns in Halong Bay

On Thursday night a cruise ship (QN 5198 Truong Hai) overturned near  Ti Top Island in Halong Bay, Vietnam due to engine problems that caused the boat to gain water. According to witnesses the boat was submerged after only one minute. Most Tourists were already in their beds sleeping when the accident occurred. Among the victims were two Swedish women in their 20s. Other victims include tourists from UK, France, Russia and Denmark.

Typical Halong Bay cruise ship

Name of the victims in the tour ship accident this morning has been officially confirmed:

1. Mccormick Stuart (Male, born 1980): British
2. Pyle Holly Michelle (Female, born 1985): American
3. Taylor Samantha Kay (Female, born 1989): American
4. Voropinova Elena (Female, born 1962): Russian
5. Voropinova Anastasia (Female, born 1987): Russian
6. Nakahara Jumpei (Male, born 1990): Japanese
7. Noblecourt Laetitia Francoise Monique (Female, born 1983): French
8. Bankestad Viola Birgitta (Female, born 1991): Swedish
9. Krok Anna Ellen (Female, born 1990): Swedish
10. Gerber baniamin charly (Male, born 1985): Swiss
11. Dinh Van Thang (Male, born 1983) : Vietnamese
12. Lam Ngoc Chau (Man, born 1979) : Australian

List of passengers who survive

1. Stobbe Marie Elisabeth (Female, born 1990): Danish
2. Pedersen Kasper Kammersgaard (Male, born 1987): Danish
3. Scattarelli Claudio (Male, born 1990): German
4. Sacconi Stefand (Male, born 1978): Italian
5. Corda Stefand (Male, born 1975): Italian
6. Fosmire George William (Male, born 1988): American
7. Nguyen Khuong Duy (Male, born 1975): Australian
8. Abrard James Dany Michel Eddy (Male, born 1983): French
9. Smhmidli Ramona (Female, born 1990): Swiss

A local government official says initial information suggests part of the boat broke without warning.
“So far the rescue team has rescued 15 people, including nine foreign tourists and six crew, and pulled out 12 bodies,” Ngo Van Hung, director of the Halong Bay Management Department, told Reuters by telephone.

Sunken ship in Halong Bay

The owners of the cruise ship Truong Hai is set to face legal charges according to Police authorities.

Halong Bay is a very popular tourist destination luring over 2 million each year. The boats sail off into the sunset and Tourists think the standard of safety at home applies also in Vietnam. This accident proves once again that this is not the case.

In September 2009 three foreign tourists – two from Britain and one from France – died along with their local guide when their vessel overturned during heavy rain on the bay. In 2006, a powerful wind storm on the bay capsized several boats, killing 13 people. No tourists were among the dead. In 2002, strong winds capsized two tourist boats, killing several foreigners. There has also been a numerous  incidents resulting in Tourists being injured and taken to hospital.

Trailsurfers visited Halong Bay in 2010 and you can read our review  here.

See video from Reuters about the incident here.

2 thoughts on “Tourists dead after boat overturns in Halong Bay

  1. marhas

    Very sad, what happened! It is known, that not all the junks on Halong Bay are in the best conditions and that accidents can also happen, when people swim in Halong Bay. That’s why I published some advise in my blog: How to choose the right junk for Halong Bay:
    Some people may think now, that the Vietnamese authorities are not doing enough controls on Halong Bay. But I myself have been on a ship in November 2009, when suddenly an inspector came onboard of the junk, controlled everything and then ordered everybody to leave because he found something, that was not correct.

  2. news

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