Skype to Go service makes calls even easier for travellers

The Skype to Go service — which allows users to call other users via any phone — has been around since 2007, but this new capability makes it easier to use. Now, you can assign Skype’s local phone numbers for up to nine of your far-flung friends, thereby making foreign phone numbers local for you. Then, according to Skype, you simply call that number as you would any other; no Internet connection required.

Here’s how the magic works:
Let’s say your friend lives in Australia and you live in Stockholm. Simply give Skype, through their sercice, your friends number in Australia, and Skype will convert it into a unique Skype To Go number with a Stockholm area code. Then, all you need to do is call this number from your mobile or landline, and you can talk right away to your friend in Australia at Skype’s rates. Of course the service works both ways so its really cheap to stay connected while your friend, son/daughter, spouse is on the other side of the world.  All you need is your mobile phone/landline and a Skype to Go number.

Get started now.

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