The best little Backpack for you travels

If you have travelled extensively you will come to one conclusion – its pointless to carry too much stuff. If you pack a 50 l backpack to its brim you will not even use half of the things you planned on your travel. My new legacy is to travel with a backpack no larger than 30-35 l and only pack 3/4 on take off.  The goal is to not carry more than 25 l on most parts of the travel.  It is not a contest of who can carry the least stuff, its just that you do not need any more on a 3 month  or even a 12 month journey.

In my hunt for a new 30-35 litre Backpack I have reviewed the following unisex packs:

Fjällräven Funäs

Fjällräven Funäs 35 lthe winner of this review
I love the design on this pack and its handy compartments and net on the front. This pack feels light and snug on your back.  The main compartment is easy to lock if you follow this system that I invented on my last trip.  Its a great pack for both shorter and longer travels.
Price: 1.199 kr (Naturkompaniet)

Haglöfs Matrix 30 l
One of my favourite designs for a pack. I carried its bigger brother, Matrix 50, on my last 7 month trip and it was a great companion. It feels very light on your back and the top compartment is handy for travel documents. The material has a great flex so you can really stuff your pack if needed.
Price: 1.080 kr (Outdoor experten)

Haglöfs LIM

Haglöfs LIM 35 l
This ultra light pack is great for trekking and the more adventurous travels. The roll opening is a problem if you are concerned with locking your compartments. I found no good solution for placing a lock on this pack.
Price: 1.260 kr (addnature)

Haglöfs Rock

Haglöfs Rock 35 l
Haglöfs Rock is a new design from the design team at Haglöfs targeting climbers. Even though it is meant for Mount Everest its still a great all-rounder. The material is hard, very durable and has no flex.
Price: 1.150 kr (GetOut)

Klättermusen Gnå

Klättermusen Gnå 35 l
Klättermusen has a swedish design targeting climbers that want the best. This pack is however also great for travelling and for trekking. The carrying system is well designed and easy to remove if you want to check-in your pack on a flight. I think the price is too high for a 35 l pack.
Price: 2295 kr

Arcteryx Axios 35 l
Another fine piece of craftsmanship from Arcteryx is the Axios. Its 35 l feel much bigger and the carrying system is easy to get used to.
Price: 1.699 kr (Outdoor Experten)

Arcteryx Cierzo 35 l
The material is light weight with great back-ventilation for warmers countries. This pack does not feel as robust as some of the other packs in this review.
Price: 945 kr (GetOut)

Osprey Atoms 35 l
The design appeal to most but some reject the turtle-like shape from its arched carrying system. The carrying system also adds unnecessary weight to this pack.
Price: 1.225 kr (GetOut)

3 thoughts on “The best little Backpack for you travels

  1. Annika

    Haha, vi är flera som kan intyga att med dig är det en tävling i vem som har den minsta väskan 😉

  2. lars

    How good was the klattermusen GNA 35l I’m thinking to buy one? But there aren’t any revieuws over the bag.

    1. Trailsurfer Post author

      When I looked at it the bag felt nice, big main compartment and the straps adjusted nicely. My suggestion is to go to a store that has several brands and just try them on, and choose the one that feels the best on your back.


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