Prostitutes in Jaco Beach Costa Rica

This article does NOT reflect my own opinion about prostitution. This is an objective article written to depict a man that travel to areas where sex is on the menu.

Jaco Beach in Costa Rica is famous for three things –  its proximity to great rainforests, the regular surf pounding the beach and its legal brothels. The brothels, which seem to render the most interest, are considered top range with very young girls according to seasoned regulars.

Some of the girls I saw on the street looked no older than 16 years old. The girls are black, white,  mulato and everything between. Some girls have a Indian look about them and some look Nordic with blond hair and blue eyes.

On this trip I spoke with a man named Glen from Canada who have visited both Panama and Nicaragua prior to Costa Rica. Glen has travelled to these countries for the last couple of years so I think he is an expert on the topic.  He claims that the girls in Costa Rica are far better than any other country in Central America. When he said this he had a big grin on his face and nudged me twice. Maybe that is secret code for “the girls will do anything” or that they are “young and tight”. I did not ask any further.

The price for a session is apprx US 50 dollars and US 100 dollars if you want a longer session or two girls. Glen claims that on a “slow night” you can bargain the price to 40/80 dollars. As always agree on the price before you start your session. Most girls do not have a pimp, they work as freelancers, hence you can bargain with the girl until you reach a good deal for both.

The hotels in Jaco all know the prostitutes who have to register with the night guard on duty. This registration is not only for your protection but also for the girls. On one evening a girl was beaten by her John and this was dealt with swiftly by the night guard and his friends. According to Glen the man was not beaten but he was ‘deported’ from Jaco and adviced to never return.

The number one hang out for prostitutes is the Beatle bar on the  main strip. Its very hard to not to find this place. After drinks and meeting girls in Beatle bar everyone head for the nightclub/bar Monkey bar which is next door. There you can dance with the girls and drink some more. In Monkey Bar you will also find more girls if the ones at Beatle was not up to your standards. Outside of these bars are lots of Taxis to take you back to your hotel.

Glen told me about a group of guys who hired a larger house on one of the hills around Jaco. Every night they would take several Taxis down to the Beatle bar and pick-up 10 or more prositutes for a private party.

When Glen shared his experiences with me he was happy, smiling and wanting me to join him on his train of thoughts.

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24 thoughts on “Prostitutes in Jaco Beach Costa Rica

  1. Chris in Jaco

    Nice article. Too update – Arigato is an awesome sushi shop, but there is another – Tsunami right across the street in Galleon Center. Its been there much longer. I like em both. Arigato is a little cheaper but still total quality product, Tsunami a little more fushion, varied, upscale. Also Monkey bar has a lot of sex workers in it, but its not a brothel – in the sense that there is no place to have sex inside it and in the high season there are quite a few young tourists and ticos dancing in there that are not sex workers or johns. I am surprised to hear that about getting kicked out of Los Amigos. That’s too bad. As you said, that bar is one of few that has a lot of people but no sex workers. Jaco hotel DoceLunas is one mile from the center of town in a quiet neighborhood, a nice alternative for those who want to be away from the crowds but still close enough to sight see.

  2. jimgrunsky

    Was in Jaco 04/2012 & the beatle bar charges now cover charge for both men & women.Go to Hotel Cocale by the pool bar/lot’s of hot chicks/sat.nite has live band.KID IN A CANDY SHOP;I’m going back in 3 days.

  3. Anonymous

    Id have to say Cocal is the easiest place to do what you want todo and its about $75-$90 a night for a room and theres a good bar in the middle and the girls come around 7pm and by about 11pm theres usually 30+ girls and guy to girl ratio is about 8 to 1 ! Im here right now and this is what im seeing. Were staying in the Condos at cocal now and i have to go with KID IN A CANDY SHOP IS THE PERFECT SAYING ! haha

  4. Anonymous

    You should look up the word ‘brothel.’ A bar where prostitutes hang out is not a brothel unless they have rooms and take a cut of the pay.

  5. Mia

    Please be safe out there guys. Been hearing a lot of stories of guys getting drugged and then robbed. Watch your drinks closely and use a rubber.

    And if you are picking up a girl at a bar or finding a girl online with craigslist or CRwomen be sure to negotiate price BEFORE you go back to your room. You do NOT want a pissed of girl in your room!

  6. Anonymous

    Been in Jaco at least 25 times ; Be Very Very Careful not the little pussy paradise u think it is ; Can be Lots of problems & trouble ,
    not to mention dangerous; ; Just good advice from a veteran .

  7. daverave

    and find the rates for motels, women, etc. little cheaper along the clubs, and Pedro Clisante in Sosua; but think i’ll check out the Cocal hotel next month in Jaco

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  9. gary

    I:M just wanting a fun time with a nice woman converson ,,I;m all about fun.,,,,that it LOL

  10. Gary

    Just got back home from my visit to Jaco & I was totally impressed with the girls there. Not only were they very sexy + most of them are dressed to the hilt. Some of them were a little more aggressive than the others but not over barring, but I found that all that I met were very friendly & respectful even with the language barrier. I found that most of them ask for $100 & some probably worth it LOL But the most of them will settle for $60. If they take a liking to you may be able to get one down as low as $40. Bottom line I had a great time of being swamped by young beautiful women wanting my attention. I was like a kid in a candy store. You are able to hold & touch and not get smacked for it as long as you are respectful about it. Try that in the US of A. LOL
    Yours truly
    Died & visited lust heaven

    1. Anonymous

      I’m into catwalk slim/slender leggy chicks. Anything like that around?
      I’m not really a booty – titty man – crazy I know !

  11. Bill

    Prostitution may be legal in CR but brothels are not. There are not brothels in Jaco. Jaco is relatively safe unless your engaging in illegal activity. This article doesn’t paint the correct picture of Jaco – it is a bustling, fun beach town.

  12. Anonymous

    The Cocal is where the girls are now but the old original owners are moving back in to the original location to do the same type bar. The Beatle will rise again with Jack and Brigitte. Doors opening in the begining of Feb. Always a good time !!!!!!!

  13. joneduoo

    What Happened to the Beatle Bar in Jaco?

    Where to go at night?…

    have more questions, check this ebook I got it and I helped me so much…


  14. anonymousJaco

    Just returned form Jaco. UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Aside from accomodations and airport transportation, set aside ~$250/day (more if you are rich and/ or just nuts). Cocal is the only place to go in the evenings. Don’t bother staying there. There are plenty of nice and affordable places to stay and eat. As others have already said, BE SAFE in every way and don’t wander off on your own as my friend did. Unbeknownst to him, his companion had a “Y” chromosome. Don’t do anything to get arrested unless you have a fondness of being on tv in the US (“locked abroad”). Security is not a big issue if you play by the rules and use your head, on the shoulders.

    1. Anonymous jack

      Returning to Jaco in a month. My buddy has turned into a monster. I’ll correct my previous post: set aside $150-200/ day, unless you just want to go totally nuts or want an overnighter ($300).

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