Women stay away from the United Arab Emirates

A 29 year old woman from Australia working in Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort in Fujairah was druged and raped by three co-workers while drinking at the resort bar – she was sentenced to 8 months in jail for adultery.

In the UAE, and other Arab countries,  it is illegal to have sex outside marriage. If she had gone to the Hospital and there they  found the drugs in her system, used by the three rapists, she would have been sentenced to life in jail. Since she reported the incident to the Police they sentenced her to 8 months.  For her there is no justice in this matter. Now Ms Gali wants to warn all women from travel to the Arab world where these laws are in effect.

Since UAE is booming as a tourist destination for both men and women these incidents will increase dramatically over the next couple of years. If you are planning to go to UAE, and you have the misfortune of meeting the wrong people and get raped, remember that there is nothing you can do about it, unless you yourself want to end up in jail for a very long time.

Read more here. 

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