Speed boat first class

More than once you will travel by boat between islands in the Philippines as it is the only means of going between most islands. Sometimes its nice to splurge and go first class. As you will see in the video first class is not always how we in Europe define ‘first class’. The boats are very old and not that sturdy. Every single seat and space in the boat is occupied by either a person or a package or chickens. In first class there was a TV but only the sound worked so we got to listen to a movie. There are emergency exits but most are bolted shut.

Here are pics from another boat ride we took to coastal town. As the boat was already full when we embarked we had to sit on the side of the boat. To give us some comfort they pulled a plastic cover over our heads. This proved to be worse as there was no air under the cover. We removed the cover and instead enjoyed the scenic ride.

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