Security guard in Sydney on a rampage

If you are going clubbing in Sydney then shut your mouth and do as your told, or you will get the beating of a life-time. This is what happened to a 19 year old visitor to Hemmes’s Ivy club in the CBD.

A cage fighter and security guard at one of Sydney’s most popular nightclubs will appear in court today following the alleged ”vicious” bashing of a club patron, 19-year-old Nicholas Barsoum.

One of the men charged for the beating.

Police say Mr Barsoum, from Earlwood, was told to leave the club on George Street in the early hours of Sunday, but when he returned to the club, a fight broke out with security guards. They allege the young man was held down, kicked, punched and gagged then separated from his friends and taken to a basement room where the onslaught continued. Police also say Ivy management ordered the crime scene be cleaned before police arrived.


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