Dutch TV Game Show with soon to be deported refugees

This is too weird to not write about.  Weg van Nederland was broadcasted this week on Dutch television, the game show, translating as Far from the Netherlands, involved five contestants all of whom were due to be deported.

All of the participants had exhausted the legal avenues to stay in Holland and faced leaving for their country of origin. The winner of the quiz was due to get €4000 ($5300) to make a fresh start outside the Netherlands. Topics in the quiz include Dutch culture, history and language. One consolation prize was a bulletproof vest.

You might by now think that this is a joke, but it it not.

Frank Wiering, the head of VPRO stated: ”My first reaction was – terrible idea, we’re not doing that. Then I looked into the issue more deeply and decided we have to do this. Weg van Nederland focuses attention on the fact that, these days, the many asylum seekers who are being expelled have children who have lived in the Netherlands for eight years or more. They have had a good education, speak perfect Dutch and have only seen their country of birth on television. We believe it’s time to stop and think about this.”

Yeah lets think about that – parading people who have their lives destroyed on national television.

Here is the promo:

Read more here.

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