Bald men and Asian women

I love to observe people whenever I travel. In Asia there seems to be a simple rule: Asian women love their western men bald.  Next time you see a mixed couple there is a big chance he will be bald. My theory is that there is a submissive subconscious state that triggers some Asian woman to find the bald man more wise, more settled, more secure (financially) . Bald might represent father-figure, monk, boss and/or chief? Or is it just that bald men in particular like Asian women? Anyway I am stuck on this theory of mine. Help me out by leaving your comment below.

Agree or disagree? Leave your comment here.

5 thoughts on “Bald men and Asian women

  1. Suni

    asian women luv u farang they luv u bald head thai men have hair thai man no good u same same good man bald man same same good man


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