Hide cash in your underwear

Smart Traveller would normally consider credit cards in underwear hazardous rather than a natural fit. But US-based Clever Travel Companion says it has created comfortable underwear with hidden pockets to stash cards, passports and other treasures from the prying hands of pickpockets. The cotton boy short for women and boxer brief for men have two front pockets with zippers that only you – and the X-ray at airport security – will be able to see. Garments cost $US29.90 each.

Check out the undies at clevertravelcompanion.com.

I needed these undies when I got pick-pocketed twice in Cuba.  I thought I had stashed my money in a safe place deep down in a pocket. When I reached into this buttoned pocket my money was gone. I went back to my Casa Particular (home-stay) to get some more cash and 10 minutes later I had been pick-pocketed again. Amazing skill! I did not feel or notice anything. The thieves must have seen me as a walking auto-teller.

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