Backpacking is much more than just a pack on your back

Acrobatics is a sport involving trust, strength and being flexible (in more ways than one).

Its pretty much the same as backpacking. When you backpack you need to find that inner strength during those days when you just do not want to keep going, when all you think about is your sofa at home and the dinner you usually eat. Trust is always an issue when you travel around the world. Everyone from Taxi-drivers to fellow travelers are suspects until proven trustworthy. To trust our fellow brothers and sisters is a feat the requires an open mind. A must requirement when traveling is to be flexible and not have a minute-by-minute schedule. You need to be able to improvise, rough-it and sometimes just take what is on offer. I cannot even count the times where the plans I have made had to change due to incorrect information in my guide book or transportation that was canceled.

Life on the road is great and is even better when you seize the moment and let it all just happen.


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