Top 10 countries for travel in 2012

Which countries will come into their own as travel destinations in 2012? Lonely Planet has published a list of the top 10 countries – in ranked order – that was voted for by a panel of inhouse travel experts, based on topicality, excitement, value and that special ‘vibe’.

1. Uganda
Where the savannah meets the vast lakes of East Africa, and where snow-capped mountains bear down on sprawling jungles. Uganda is also the source of the river Nile. Adventure for all!

Meet a Gorilla in Uganda
Meet a Gorilla in Uganda.

2. Myanmar (Burma)
Rimmed by mountains and white-sand beaches Burma is the new hot stop for independent travellers.

3. Ukraine
It will co-host Euro 2012 and the venues have been selected to encourage further travel by visiting football fans.

4. Jordan
It is one of the most accessible Arab states for English-speaking travellers.

5. Denmark
With more than 10,000km of bicycle routes and rarely more than a short pedal from the seaside, the picturesque countryside or an architectural delight, making Denmark the perfect place to cycle-holiday.

Cycle in Denmark.

6. Bhutan
Exciting, new and hidden – Bhutan is ready to reveal its beauty for the adventurous traveler on a higher budget.

7. Cuba
Time has frozen Cuba and you still can relieve an historic past in everyday life.

8. New Caledonia
Paradise, beaches and pristine waters.

9. Taiwan
China or not, Taiwan is a cultural delight best experienced on two wheels.

10. Switzerland
The Alps will become even easier to reach, thanks to the launch of 19 new TGVs from Paris, and the construction of the groundbreaking Gotthard rail tunnel getting underway.

Trekking in Switzerland.

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 countries for travel in 2012

  1. Jay

    It is outrageous to promote travel to Uganda where gay and lesbian people are being persecuted and murdered. Lonely Planet has blood on its hands.


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