A very crazy but true travel story

Passengers travelling from India to Birmingham with Austrian airline Comtel Air were stunned when staff in Vienna told them to disembark because the airline had ‘ran out of cash to fund the last leg of the trip.’  The six-hour stand off on the tarmac only ended when passengers were marched to a cash machine and forced to withdraw up to £130 each to get the planes home.  The £20,000 paid would average out at £33.33 each between the 600 affected passengers, but some were forced to borrow from relatives, while others rustled up any spare cash they had to add to the pot.

The passengers were told they could not complete their flights to Birmingham unless they stumped up the cash, despite having already paid up to £500 for their tickets

One of the flights finally arrived in Birmingham at 8pm last night and some of the 180 passengers were engaged in angry scenes with the crew.

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One thought on “A very crazy but true travel story

  1. Dalbir

    Your £33 per person is wrong as there was only about 180 passengers on that flight the rest are still stuck in india


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