Time to pack my bag for Cameroon

I love to travel light so I always try to exclude as many items as possible from my initial wish list. My North Face Small (42 liters) Base Camp Duffel Bag will carry the following items:

North Face bag

1 p – Trousers (black) for going out to a fancy restaurant or something.
2 p –  White no sleeve T-shirts. It will be hot there.
2 p-  Regular T-shirts.
1 p – Runners shorts from Nike. Yes, I am going running everyday.
1 p – Houdini shorts.
1 p – Mosquito net from Sea To Summit. Malaria is common in Cameroon.
1 p – Houdini arm wrist wallet. This is the best invention ever!!
1 p – Extra backpack (mini size).
1 p – Flip Flops.
1 – Jumping rope. I need to stay in shape.
1 – Rubber band for gym exercises.
1 – Runners bag for carrying my iPod.

Of course I also have all the stuff you need like Toothbrush, face wash, malaria tablets, sunscreen and more.

Items for climbing Mount Cameroon:
1 p – Houdini cap.
1 p – Houdini scarf. I know its a Speed Chimney but I use it as a scarf.
1 p – Long underwear.
1 p – Light training pants from Nike.

P = Piece or pair.

I used to always travel with my Haglöfs Matrix 50 liter backpack but since I bought the NorthFace Duffel I am using that bag more and more. It is so easy to get things in and out, and you can half the size by just pulling the belts on the side of the bag.  It sits really nice on the back and I have carried it longer distances without getting aches, but then again my bag usually weighs no more than 6-7 kg.

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