Cheering and honking horns

Last night while eating chicken Kebab on a road side restaurant this group of football players came up and starting singing their winning song. It was really loud and I did not know what to do. Luckily my host Christopher figured that they wanted some money. The collected money would be used to later buy beer for the team.

Woke up again this morning at 05:30. Go figure everyone is already up and working at this time. To be sure that everyone was up and about a man walked around with a big horn making a loud ‘mooooo’ sound. Yes, dear fellow village local I am up, I am getting ready, please stop. It turned out that this man is a priest who was summoning everyone to go and pray. I ain’t praying at 05:30 to any God.

On Monday I am set to climb Mount Cameroon. I will descend on Tuesday so it will be a full two days of climbing up and down. The total cost for this was 55.000 Franc (80 euro). This included Registration, Guide, Porter, food, water, sleeping bag and sleeping mat. When I get back from this climb I will post some pictures.

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