Climbing Mount Cameroon

The city of Buea is situated just below Mount Cameroon making it an ideal starting place for your climb. There are only a handful of operations that take tourists up the mountain. Unfortunately I was scammed and payed too much for my 2 day tour. The price I paid was 55.000 CFA (83 Euro) but should have been around 40.000 CFA (61 Euro) . In other words – it pays to shop around. The price should include for one person: Guide, porter, food, water, cooking utensils, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, registration and a tent. Although I was unlucky with the price of the tour I was instead very lucky with my guide and porter. Peter and Paul did a great job taking me up and down the mountain.

If you want to climb Mount Cameroon I recommend Peter and Paul. You find them here.

Before you go up you must check that you have the following:
– Stamped paper that shows you are registered to climb. If you do not have this paper you will be hassled by other guides and porters. There is corruption on Mount Cameroon.
– Warm clothes. At night it will get cold. I brought T-shirt, jumper, jacket, Long Johns, trainers, extra socks and wore it all during the night in my sleeping bag.
– Flash light. There is no electricity on the mountain.
– Toilet paper.
– Matches. There seems to be a lack of fire starters on the mountain.
– Lots of water. Your guide will bring water, but you should bring at least 2 extra bottles. For a two day tour you will need at least 6 litres of water to drink. You will also need 2 bottles for cooking food.
– Extra snacks.
– Sturdy shoes with thick soles. The volcanic rocks are sharp and will penetrate thin runners.
– Tent. If there are many tourists on the mountain there will be no room for you in Hut 2, unless you are really fast up the mountain.

The first level of the climb is through a jungle. You will also pass Buea prison, which looks like a farm house. The prisoners will call out for you. It is forbidden to take photos of the prison as the authorities do not want the appaling conditions to be revealed. The jungle walk will take you to Hut 1. There you will rest and eat a snack. The first leg is very warm and humid so you need to drink a lot of water.
The second leg of the climb is called Savannah. It takes you straight up to Hut 2 where you will rest for the night. Savannah is very steep and rocky. On your way you will pass Lucky Tree and pose for photos. Before you settle in for the night at Hut 2 you will eat dinner. There will probably be other tourists on site to share your climbing experience.

You will set out very early in the morning from Hut 2 for the Summit. I started at 07:00 but there where other groups that started as early as 04:00. The walk to the Summit is very beautiful and peaceful. The Summit is a wonderful place if you are lucky with the weather. I had a wonderful time and stayed on 4090 meters for nearly an hour.

Mount Cameroon is one of Africa’s largest active volcanoes, rising to 4,040 metres (13,255 ft) above the coast of west Cameroon. Mount Cameroon is also known as Cameroon Mountain or Fako(the name of the higher of its two peaks) or by its native name Mongo ma Ndemi (“Mountain of Greatness”). The mountain is part of the area of volcanic activity known as the Cameroon Volcanic Line, which also includes Lake Nyos, the site of a disaster in 1986. The most recent eruptions occurred on March 28, 1999 and May 28, 2000.

1 thought on “Climbing Mount Cameroon

  1. Tiki

    I’m climbing on Saturday…so excited! I don’t have any experience climbing anything and I’m frankly highly out of shape, but this has been on my bucket list. Thanks for the pointers, they’ve really helped.


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