Let’s go to the Seychelles

Air Austral will be operating direct non-stop flights between Paris and the tropical islands of the Seychelles starting March 27, 2012.

Seychelles  is group of tropical islands east of Africa. Since there are not many tourists around you will feel like a modern Robinson Crusoe.  I have been to the Seychelles on four occasions and each time I have found new gems, too good to be true. The camera cannot really capture the real beauty of these islands. My favorite island is La Digue and the beach Anse Source d’ Argent. The striking beauty is truly the most wonderful I have seen on all my travels around the globe. So what I want to say (if you have not already figured it out)  is that for your next holiday please include Seychelles as a possible destination. The only warning is that hotels and restaurants can be a bit on the expensive side. If you do go and you want to go out to a nightclub then you need proper shoes that cover your toes – they enforce this rule. You should also rent a car to discover the bigger islands. 

Since the announcement by Air Seychelles that it was stopping the Air Seychelles/Air France flights to Seychelles, it left no direct non-stop flights between Paris and Seychelles. Air Austral did not wait to grab this opportunity to launch their new service.

“For 698 euro, inclusive of all taxes, it is now less than a 10-hour flight for a Paris/Seychelles flight and a holiday in ‘Paradise on Earth,’” a representative of Travelzoo Paris said.

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