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Getting into the water with Great White Shark might seem reckless even if you are in a cage, but these two daredevils are actually standing on top of theirs as a huge shark circles.

The pictures were taken by Scots snapper David Litchfield, who has taken the same risk to get shots of these most fearsome predators.

Computer security expert David was diving off the Isla de Guadalupe, a hotspot for great white sharks in Mexico.

David said: “Cage diving with great white sharks is thrilling.
Standing on top of the cage as these huge fish swim around eyeballing you, makes it doubly so.

“There is intelligence behind those eyes – a sense of curiosity
– but as long as you maintain eye contact with the shark it’s not likely to take an exploratory nibble.

“Indeed, photographers can get their cameras really close with no aggressive response from the shark.

“The ‘smiling’ shark photograph was taken whilst the shark’s nose was touching my camera’s dome port.”

David explained that the cages were lowered to 40 feet below the surface, adding: “It gets you that little bit closer and give you more of a thrill.

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