Cycling Europe

This summer I am travelling on my bicycle to Budapest from Stockholm. The tour is approx. 2500 kilometers and will take 2 weeks. I plan to average about 200 kilometers per day.

For my trip I am planing to travel as light as possible and have purchased some great touring and backpacking lightweight gear.

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 is a great tent from the US. It weighs only 1,5 kg and is a roomy tent for 1 person and snug for 2 people sharing.
Haglöfs LIM 50 sleeping bag weighs approx. 300 grams and is good enough for 3 seasons.
McKinley sleeping mat weighs approx 200 grams and is OK for summer. I would not use it during  any other season.

My totalt weight for my tour is 7kg and that includes all gear, all clothes, toiletries, electronics and bike repair stuff.  I will be touring on a Nishiki Ultra Pro built in Sweden.

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