35 more days to go!

Sometimes time passes so slooooowly. I am counting the days until I can go on my European Bicycle Tour. To make time go faster I am pimping my Nishiki Ultra Pro bicycle with things like Schwalbe Durano Plus tires, testing my Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 in my living-room, lying in my Haglöfs LIM 50 sleeping bag and trying to compete with myself how fast I can blow up my ExpedSynmat  UL 7.5 sleeping mat.

In the mean time I entertain myself with my boxing training.

The trick I figure is to create the ultimate ride by balancing having a great bike with ultra light packing. The current estimated weight of my complete pack is 6,5 kg. My goal is to stuff 6 kg (inluding tent, sleeping bag, clothes toiletries, sleeping mat etc) into my newly purchased North Face XS (25 liter) duffel bag. I figure if I have this on my rear carrier then it would be well balanced against the 1,5 liter water bottles (0,75 liters each), and my front steering pack (5 liters).

When I am done with project of optimizing the ride for my European Bicycle Tour I will post my complete pack with pictures and all.

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