World’s best-selling liquor is

The world’s best-selling liquor is not Smirnoff-Vodka, it is not Jack Daniels or even the Swedish favorite Absolut Vodka. In fact the world’s best selling liquor is Jinro soju from Korea.

The Millionaires’ Club, an England-based catalog that ranks brands, liquors and spirits, pinpointed Korea’s Jinro soju as the world’s best-selling brand of liquor, based on data collected in 2011.

The rankings are based on yearly aggregate sales in units of nine-liter cases. In order to even make it on to the list, brands need to sell at least 1 million cases a year.

Some 61.38 million cases of Jinro soju were sold last year, easily making it the world’s most heavily consumed brand of liquor. Runner up was Smirnoff-Vodka with with 24.70 million cases sold. Further down the list of 180 brands, Bacardi rum (No. 5) sold 19.56 million cases, Jack Daniel’s whiskey (No. 19) sold 10.58 million cases and Jim Beam whiskey-bourbon sold 5.86 million cases (No. 37).

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