Same day booking Apps

The great thing about same day booking apps for hotels is that you will be offered huge discounts and somewhere to sleep for the night.
The apps differ from browser-based travel sites in two ways: the deals on the apps are all non-refundable and the apps tend to have a limited, ever-changing selection of hotels. But the companies defend their narrowing of options by saying that if they included thousands of hotels, users would have tough time searching the entire inventory by rate, star rating and location on a tiny smartphone or tablet screen. Tonight is the best choice if you’re simply looking for a cheap place to rest your head in the broadest number of places in the world, with a concentration in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Other apps:
Hotels Now (for iPhone with apprx. 2,000 rooms available in 46 European cities on any given night)
JustBook (for iPhone, Android and Blackberry lists a few hundred four- and five-star hotels across 30 European cities, with especially strong coverage in the UK, Ireland and Germany)
Very Last Room (for hotels in France)
Hot Hotels (for hotels in Spain)
Blink (1,000 hotels across 97 cities in seven countries, with the deepest coverage in Spain, France and Italy)
Priceline Negotiator (few thousand hotels in more than 150 destinations)
Expedia Hotel and Flights (for 2,000 hotels around the world)


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