Crazy men to attempt the near impossible

Six British and Australian adventurers are about to recreate one of the greatest journeys of human survival.

In 1914, Ernest Shackleton, a seasoned British explorer, set out to better Scott and Amundsen by attempting the first-ever crossing of the Antarctic. These men will try to do the same journey, using the same equipment, down to the Gaberdine coats.


They plan to land on the same mountainous fang of rock on South Georgia Island as Shackleton. When Shackleton arrived, the explorer found himself on the wrong side of the island. So he and two other men traversed an icy mountain range before reaching a whaling station on the other side. The crew plan to do the mountain climb while living on animal fat and sleeping for 10 minutes at a time. ”If you stop for longer, you freeze they say.

The crew will sail on Thursday night from Argentina for Antarctica, where they will begin their recreation on January 20.

Good luck lads and hope you conquer the Antarctic!


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