Ryanair ticket lottery

Ryanair has unveiled a new ploy for parting travellers with their cash – a game offering passengers the chance to win back the cost of their flights.


During the final part of the payment process, the low-cost airline’s customers can now hand over an extra £3, £4, or £5 – depending on the total cost of their booking – and take part in the “Play to Win” game.

Those who tick the box (“I want to play to win the value of my flights and fee’s”) are asked a general knowledge question (“ranging from geography, to history and science, right through to entertainment and sport”) once their booking is complete. If they get it right, they are entered into a prize draw for the chance to get a refund.

Terms and conditions state that Ryanair guarantees at least three winners each week – and they will be informed “on the flight confirmation page”. Winners’ payments will be refunded within 10 weeks of the booking.

This might actually work as a source of income for Ryanair since departing from these smaller bills to be able to win back the entire fee is probably interesting to the clientele.


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