Sleep together in Tokyo

There’s nothing like a lonely bed to remind you just how bad your life sucks. But Tokyo has it covered. Japan’s capital has taken the maid and butler café culture to the next level with Soine-ya, a “sleep together shop” allowing male customers to sleep next to a girl for a fee.


The shop insists it’s not what you think — Soine-ya enforces a strict code of conduct to prohibit any sexual requests.

Minimum charge is ¥3,000 (US$32) for 20 minutes. Extra services are available, such as staring at each other for a minute (¥1,000) and stroking the girl’s hair for three minutes (¥1,000).


There’s also a female-oriented version, Soine Prime offers (non-sexual) time with boys for heartbroken women.

You find the Sleep Together Shop here:
Soine-ya, 3F, KN Building, 2-11 Akihabara, Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; +81 3 5829 6274;

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