World’s best tourists and their shortcomings

CNN has compiled a list of the world’s best tourists. The list is nicely written and so so exciting to read. The more fun is to read the shortcomings of the listed countries.

Swedish tourists  (pic from CNN)

Shortcomings of the worlds best tourists:

10. Canadians – Declaring themselves not American at every opportunity, as if they think they’re going to be blamed for the Iraq war, global warming or Sarah Palin.

9. English – For the English, vacations and alcohol go together like cheap liquor and waking up in a foreign hospital attached to a drip. Always unable to communicate in the local lingo, they resort to speaking English slowly and loudly.

8. Chinese – It’s still early days for Chinese global tourism, which is perhaps why vacation etiquette is a work in progress. The days of carving their names on historic sites and smoking absolutely everywhere will surely vanish soon.

7. Australians – Congregating and abbreviating. Great on their own, but tough to take in large numbers (as witnessed in the Aussified bars of Bali’s Kuta resort), largely thanks to beer intake and insistence on shortening every second word. “Cazza and Wozza are going to Afghazza this arvo …”

6. Italians – Italians have a reputation for being pushy and caring little for the feelings of fellow travelers. Unfair, perhaps, but when your home is one of the world’s best tourist destinations, you can probably live with it.

5. Japanese – Striking V-sign poses in every photo. Suffering psychological problems as over-romanticized view of cities like Paris fails to match grim French reality.

4. Swedes – They make the rest of us look like gelatinous blobs.

3. Americans  – Still seem to think “American” is synonymous with “entitled.”

2. Germans – The diminutive swimwear has got to go.

1. Chileans – Too easygoing. Should have dumped the Euro whiner long ago. Preferably in a ditch.

Do you agree?

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