Tourist warning – Something is wrong in India

There has been many articles lately depicting the sickening gang-rapes that has happened in India in recent months. The government has tried to enforce stricter laws and meet international political pressure with a harder line. None of this seems to have helped.

Just last week another gang-rape took place, and this time the victim is a 39 year old Swiss tourist. A gang of eight men allegedly raped a the tourist and beat her husband with sticks while they were holidaying in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh on Friday night.


The Swiss woman who was allegedly attacked (centre), is escorted by policewomen for a medical
examination at a hospital in Gwalior, in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

The couple had been cycling from Orchha to Seonda and decided to camp near a village for a night.
The pack of men pounced on the couple, beating them with wooden sticks before overpowering the man and gang-raping his wife.


The attack on the 39-year-old woman is one of many violent sex cases that has swept the subcontinent

Something is wrong in India! There seems to be a cultural core that runs through India where its men believe in the act of rape as a means for something bigger, or rebellious, or both. Where they take a soul for the sake of taking without regard of the consequences, even the newly imposed death penalty.

Tourists beware and think twice before visiting this otherwise wonderful country. There is something wrong in India and before this evil has been brought to a halt there are other places to visit.

A spokesman for Madhya Pradesh police caused anger by suggesting that the Swiss woman and her husband were partly to blame for the attack. Inspector Avnesh Kumar Budholiya said the tourists had been careless in travelling to a remote part of the country they knew little about. Read more here.

Neerja Ahlawat, sociologist and deputy director of the women’s studies centre at Maharshi Dayanand University in Haryana said: “This is typical of all the cases that take place in India. The police don’t want to take responsibility. Indian women are not safe, in small towns, villages or the big cities, partly because the police are not assuming responsibility for keeping women safe. They blame the dark, the clothes a woman wears, everything but their shirking of their duties.”

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