Pink Pearl is still for sale

For a mere USD 500.000 this beautiful island paradise can be all yours. Pink Pearl Island lies just outside the coast of Nicaragua and is my favorit island for sale at the moment. If I had the cash I would 100% buy this little gem.


Pink Pearl Island is situated approximately 3 miles off of mainland Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast, amongst the Pearl Cays island groups. Surrounded by white sand beaches and turquoise water this private island is currently operating as a turnkey tourism business, yet could also be used as a personal retreat.

This is an ideal location for Sports fishing and diving. The island is protected from high seas by surrounding reefs and outlying islands. Coated in coconut palm trees, native fauna, and soft white sand, the beach is a popular nesting/hatching area for turtles, during season.

For an investor looking to start a diving business or Eco-tourism, this is an ideal location, to simply retire into paradise or own a unique holiday home investment.

So, if you got the cash and need someone to work there on a 5-year contract – I am your man!

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