Swedish hamburger chain open restaurant in Dubai

Swedish hamburger restaurant Max is going to give MacDonalds a run in Dubai.


Max is not only Sweden’s favourite hamburger restaurant chain, it is also the first. Back in 1968 the founders of Max, Curt Bergfors and Britta Andersson, opened their first restaurant in Gällivare, high up in the northern part of Sweden.
Their hamburgers became so popular that within two years they opened more restaurants. Soon thereafter Max was established in several other cities in Norrland (the northern part of Sweden). The rest is history.

MAX CEO comments the opening of three restaurants in Dubai:

– We have long looked to establish ourselves in the Middle East, now we have a partner who is stationed in Dubai, so it seemed natural. We were about to open there several years ago, but the financial crisis intervened. In Dubai there is a great interest in fast food, a young curious population and a rapidly growing market. Competition is fierce, if we succeed there we can succeed anywhere.

Here is a link that has tasted the local MAX burger.

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