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Cheap flights to Australia from Europe

Travellers flying between Australia and Europe now have a markedly cheaper option – through China.
China Southern Airlines is offering standalone flights from Sydney-London at prices up to 34 per cent lower than Qantas.


China Southern’s cheapest economy-class fare between Sydney and London, with a three-hour stopover Guangzhou, for a two-week trip starting May 4 was 1.100 Euro.

The lowest price for a non-Chinese airline, on Malaysian Airlines, was 19 per cent more expensive at 1.320 Euro. Emirates tickets started at 1.450 Euro while Singapore Air’s was at 1.500 Euro. The cheapest Qantas ticket was 51 per cent more than China Southern, at 1.670 Euro.

Another benefit flying China Southern is the added legroom in all classes.

Stay at the best Spa and Resort

Qualia was voted best resort in the world in the 2012 Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. When the expert therapists at Spa Qualia get their hands on you, you’ll understand one of the reasons this retreat is so highly regarded. Try the Signature Ceremonies White Haven, which includes an exfoliation, mud wrap, massage, facial and silk caressing your skin (a delightful sensation!). With dazzling sea views, this sublime adults-only retreat affords all the peace, pampering and relaxation you could ever wish for.

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You will find Qualia on Hamilton Island just off the coast of Queensland in Australia. Check their web page here:

Best job in the world

Tourism Australia has had a massive response to its “Best Jobs in the World” campaign, with more than 31,000 applications received since the competition launched.

Tourism Australia is spending $4 million on an expanded ”Best Job in the World” global campaign with each of the winners to receive a $100,000 six-month ”salary package”, including living costs.

The six ‘Best Jobs in the World’:
• Chief Funster (New South Wales)
• Outback Adventurer (Northern Territory)
• Park Ranger (Queensland)
• Wildlife Caretaker (South Australia)
• Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne)
• Taste Master (Western Australia)

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Macca’s for Australia Day

McDonald’s has changed the name of some of its restaurants to “Macca’s,” the nickname used by many Australians for the fast-food chain.

The marketing ploy coincides with the lead up to the national Australia Day holiday on January 26.


According to local media, signage was changed on 13 outlets countrywide earlier this month and will remain in place until February 4.

Sydney is first out to celebrate 2013 with a big bang

A cloudless Sydney sky exploded with shooting comets and raindrops of colour. Some hung in the air like dredlocks and others shot to dizzying heights and fizzled without a bang. Happy new year to all celebrating in Sydney. Below you will find videos showing the fireworks for Sydney, StockholmLondon, Dubai and Moscow.


Check out the video of they Sydney 2013 fireworks display over Sydney Harbour Bridge here.

Over seven tonnes of pyrotechnics and some 25,000 shooting comets erupted over Sydney Harbour Bridge for the 2013 New Years eve celebration.

Ten hours later there is the New Years eve celebration in Stockholm, Sweden. Swedes left their warm homes to go out and see the random fireworks displayed over the city. It was a light rain and +4 degrees. Check out the Stockholm New Years eve fireworks display here.


The amazing London Fireworks 2013 is a must see:

And here is what Dubai oil money will buy. Check out the Dubai 2013 Fireworks New Years eve extravaganta here. 

In Moscow they made a strong effort to show off the red square in a rainbow of colors. The Russian Fireworks 2013 New Years eve celebrations went off with a big bang. Check out the video here.

The crazy rich choose to stay on the ground

A Qantas jet touched down in Melbourne without two of its first class passengers, because they refused to fly when the airline could not provide them with the right size of luxury pyjamas. The extraordinary dilemma facing the A380 superjet’s crew could not be resolved before the aircraft took off from Los Angeles and so the angry couple demanded to leave the plane just as it was preparing to taxi from the terminal.