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Cykelresan är över

Nu är jag hemma igen efter att ha cyklat 1.500 km genom södra delarna av Sverige, södra delarna av Tyskland, en del av Slovakien och en del av Ungern. När jag kom fram till Budapest var det en såååå skön känsla att äntligen vara framme. Bilder kommer inom kort.

59 centimeters

A mate had the idea that I should measure my thigh before I embark on my cycle-tour. Of course I had to do it since it will be interesting to see if it will get bigger or what. Currently my right thigh is 59 centimeters around.

My right thigh is now smaller at 58 cm. I must have lost some fat or something. Weird!!

Bicycle tour gear

Below is a video where I have filmed all the stuff I am bringing on my European Bicycle Tour 2012.

My english is terrible so I must apologize for this, but I hope you will find the video informative. My philosophy is to travel LIGHT . My goal is to not have more than 8 kg of stuff with me including tent, sleeping bag etc.

For my trip I will be using:

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2
Exped Basic 7.5 UL
Haglöfs LIM50
Powermonkey Explorer solar battery charger
NorthFace Duffel Bag xs (25l)
Light weight sporting t-shirts
Houdini shorts
Sea to Summit towel
Bicycle repair gear
Marmot rain jacket
Boot n strap rain shoe protector
Samsung Galaxy S2 (I made the video on this)
Soviet Military Maps with Open Cycle Maps (downloaded from Android Play)

I will document advertising efforts on my bicycle

The Swedish Advertiser Association (Sveriges Annonsörer) will once again (last time they wrote an article about my experience in Camerun) write about my adventures – riding my wicked bicycle from Sweden to Hungary. Each day I will send them a pic from ‘the road’ showing an advertising campaign, billboard or any other ad space that comes across my path.  My bicycle trip is now not only a test in endurance but also a study in European marketing and how it differs in regions and countries.

Schwalbe is the tire you want for long distance bicycle touring

In my quest for the perfect tire for my bicycle tour I have e-mailed one of the biggest manufacturers of quality tires – Schwalbe.

I asked what would be the best tire for a long distance European bicycle tour. Here is the answer:

“Both tires  (Marathon Plus and Marathon Supreme) would be an excellent choice for a bicycle tour you are going to do. So I can´t really give you a recommendation for one of these tires, I just can point out some interesting advantages. So if you are searching for a tire featured with best puncture protection and best durability you have to choose the Marathon Plus. This tire is often used for longer journeys and available for a fair price. On the other hand Marathon Supreme offers great performance as to grip and rolling resistance with an acceptable puncture protection and durability. In addition you will save half of the weight compared to Marathon Plus.”