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Need a holiday!

Living in Sweden is a great challenge as 4 months of the year is in wet, cold and darkness. February and March is the worst months as hope rise for seeing the sun again, but doubts enter our minds as the snow keep on falling.

Anyways, I have booked my trip to Costa Rica to escape the madness. Two weeks of sun, surf and beach.

Rainforest in Costa Rica by Ski-lift

Like all Central American countries, Costa Rica is considered part of a biodiversity hotspot. According to the INBio, about 4.5% of the world’s biodiversity can be found in Costa Rica. The country is noted for its national park system, administered by SINAC (Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion, or “National System of Conservation Areas”). This agency oversees the 26 national park, and more than 160 protected areas in Costa Rica. The other types of protected areas in Costa Rica are National Wildlife Refuges, Biological Reserves, Protection Zones, and Absolute Nature Reserves. Together the protected areas comprise over one-fourth of Costa Rican territory.

When I was in Costa Rica I found my way into one of these protected Rainforests. I was very excited prior to this nature hike and loaded up with plenty of water, sturdy walking shoes and a mindset that it would be rough walking in very hot weather. The Rainforest package cost 55 dollars.

When the bus stopped at the reserve in Jaco on the east coast of Costa Rica I got very, very disappointed. The hike turned out to be a Ski-lift system for one hour, a short paved walk among plants for 30 minutes and a souvenir shop.

Beach in Jaco and Claritas Hotel

One of the better beaches for surfing and relaxing in Costa Rica is Jaco Beach. Below you find a short video showing the beach and one of the more charismatic hotels, Claritas. Claritas is well known as its both on the cheaper side (60 US dollars per room) and a local hang out for both Johns and their paid women.

Jacó is a coastal city, in the county of Garabito in Costa Rica’s Puntarenas province. Located in the Central Pacific Region, on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Jacó is approximately one hour by car from San José and one hour North of Manuel Antonio National Park. Jaco has a population of apx. 10,000 residents.

Surfing Jaco on the coast of Costa Rica

Just booked myself a trip to Jaco on the coast of Costa Rica. Jacó is approximately one hour by car from San José and one hour North of Manuel Antonio National Park. The area is famous for all-year surf and warm waters luring thousands of tourists mainly from the US and Canada each year. The coast is nice and filled to the brim with exotic birds and marine life. As you head down to the breaks in the early morning you will see Pelicans flying near the waves looking for a morning snack. In the water you will encounter reef sharks and turtles.

Jaco has really no entertainment in the evenings worth writing about. Most tourists head for the restaurants on the main road for some Nachos. After dinner some venture to the brothel in the centre of town. If you want young central American girls for a cheap buck (50 US) then the brothel  is the place to make your second home. If you want more info on this topic Google it. What you just read about the ‘red lights’ in Jaco I heard from a group of Americans that talked about their adventures during a beer in Caritas Hotel. Personally I do not dig into the local female population as my focus is on surfing the waves. After a day of surf from dusk until dinner I get so tired that I crash around 9 pm so there is no party, even if there was one,  for this tired old man.

For the ride I might bring my 6’6 Webber Fatburner (now called the Pulse) or buy a new board. If I am buying a new board it will most likely be an Ahoha Stryka 6’6 , Aloha Bean SLXC 6’3 or a 7S Super Fish 6’3.