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Sleep for free in Helsinki

A hotel in Finland is appealing for a ‘professional sleeper’ to test its 35 rooms for 35 days.

Hotel Finn, in the heart of Helsinki, is seeking a “dynamic person to write a quality blog” about their daily experiences at the basic hotel, which has no bar or restaurant.

Requirements not only include fluent Finnish and English, but Russian is deemed a plus, too.


The amazing Northern Lights

Watch the amazing Northern Lights viewed at its best in Lappland. It is for sure a once in a lifetime experience to have.

To see the Northern Lights, also known as the auroral oval, you must travel north. Your best bet is to go somewhere above the Arctic or/and sub-Arctic. The most easily accessible of these destinations are Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Canada. Top locations include the Aurora Sky Station at Abisko in Swedish Lapland, Hotel Ranga in Iceland’s southern countryside and just outside Tromso in northern Norway.

And remember to dress for very cold weather.

Bollywood dancing on Finnair flight

We’ve all seen those iconic dances from famous Bollywood films, but not many of us will have been treated to a live performance on board a flight. But that’s exactly what the cabin crew did on a Finnair flight from Helsinki to New Delhi, to celebrate India’s 63rd Republic Day.

Angry Birds put Helsinki on the map

For all of you hard-core Angry Birds fans there is now a store selling Angry Birds merchandise in Helsinki, Finland. They’ve got the Angry Birds cookbook (yep), and the Angry Birds pencil/eraser school kit… but for the most part, the shelves are stacked edge to edge with the line of plush toys they launched last year.

Congresses rake in 72 million Euro for Finland

A study by  Finland Convention Bureau show huge revenues generated from international congresses organised in Finland. During 2010 ga total of  61,371 participants spent time in Finland. On average, a congress visitor stayed  for 4.9 days, and spent EUR 207 per day (let us hope it was not all on alcohol).

In all, the tourism resulting from international congresses reached EUR 72 million. The sum consists of the combined consumption of congress organisers and participants. Congresses are a sweet deal for Finland.