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Amazing first-class travel on A380

On April 30, 2011 Kris treated himself to a First Class Suite on Emirates Airlines A380 Super Jumbo from Bangkok to Hong Kong.

Even three hours in the sky will set you back $650 on board an Emirates Airlines A380 super jumbo. So it makes sense to get your moneys worth.

Hong Kong is a top destination

The annual list, compiled by Euromonitor International’s global travel research program, shows visitor numbers to Hong Kong surged by 18 per cent this year to 20 million while Singapore welcomed a 16 per cent rise to 18 million.

By contrast London only experienced a 2.5 per cent growth, with international arrivals to the city stagnating around 14.5 million.

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Hong Kong Airport is all about smiles

Fun is the name of the game at Hong Kong International Airport. Aside from its varied shopping and dining facilities as well as special events, it boasts a 4D Extreme Screen cinema, an Aviation Discovery Centre, the interactive film centre Asia Hollywood, sports simulating centre i-Sports, a PlayStation Gateway gaming centre, and the SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course. Hong Kong was recently nominated as the most fun airport by World Airport Awards.

Hong Kong Airport 4D Cinema