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HIV tattoos in Bali

Travelers are being warned to avoid getting tattoos in Bali after an Australian resident was apparently infected with the AIDS virus. All the evidence points to a tattoo received recently in Bali as being the source of an HIV infection, the West Australian Department of Health says on its website.

Tourists who have had a tattoo done in Bali recently should consult their GP and consider the need for testing for HIV and other blood-borne viruses.

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Last paradise on earth

This remote pearl of Asia between the Pacific and Indian oceans in eastern Indonesia’s Papua province has remained a closely guarded secret and one of the last frontiers of tourism, known only to intrepid travellers and avid divers.

Raja Ampat’s palm-fringed islands, surrounded by an underwater kaleidoscope of coral and fish, are described by the regional tourism office as “the last paradise on earth”.

If you are in the area then do not hesitate to find your way to this Eden.

Nusa Penida is a world away

Nusa Penida, part of Bali’s Klungkung province, is a world apart from the tourist magnet Bali, only one hour away. Despite its small size, Nusa Penida has its share of sights. Crystal Bay is an idyllic cove that fronts a coral reef and more experienced divers and snorkellers can swim with manta rays and reef sharks in Toyapakeh and at Malibu Point. If you go do not expect any tourist infrastructure, as you are on your own.

The Friends of the National Park Foundation on Nusa Penida welcomes visitors for short stays but book ahead as space is limited. The basic but comfortable accommodation costs from $12 for a dormitory bed to $30 for a double room, there is also a family room.

When in Indonesia take a sip of Kopi Luwak

Coffee collected from the poo of an Asian Palm Civet cat may not be everyone’s favorit drink but some are willing to pay top dollar for the rare flavour, now available at hotels throughout Indonesia.

Civet cats love eating the red cherries grown on coffee plants throughout the region, but they can’t digest the hard pit in the centre. That means the full seed comes out the other end, where farmers collect the remains, wash away excess debris and lightly roast the resulting beans. The natural fermentation that occurs in the civet’s digestion system means the beans produce a more aromatic, less bitter brew.

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Woman in coma after drinking Jungle Juice

An Australian woman was flown to Royal Darwin Hospital from Bali in a coma after drinking a toxic cocktail which has killed at least four foreigners. The drink is labeled “jungle juice” and is found at bars and cafes around Bali and Lombok. Jamie Johnston, 25, of Newcastle, is struggling to speak, can barely walk and her legs are severely burnt from the inside out.

Doctors suspect the drink to be laced with the chemical methanol sometimes used in the local brew arak, a distilled palm wine.

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