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I have been robbed!

Someone has used my name to order a computer via an internet shopping site. They purchased the computer using invoice as billing method, putting down my name and address in the registration. The idiots at the internet shopping site e-mailed the invoice to a fake email-address and the idiots at the post office send a sms-ticket for pick-up of the goods to an unregistered mobile cash-card from Romania. Somehow the idiots at the delivery point did not ask for any ID so the thieves could just walk away with a brand new computer, for me to pay. So, today I have to go to the police, scan all the papers, send it to idiots at the internet shopping site and then pray that they do see that I did not buy this computer.

To top it all up this is happening days before I leave for Cameroon to work as a volunteer in an important project. I have a billion other things to do before my departure so today is not a good day!