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Bring your board to Sweden

If you dream about surfing but live in the Nordics then there is one place you must visit during September to December. Varberg is on the west coast of Sweden and it rocks waves. Even RipCurl has found this sweet spot and host events. Hell yeah it is cold but if you love surfing then your soul will keep you warm.

Swedish men are the most good-looking

Travelers digest have compiled a list of the most good-looking men around the world. According to the list Swedish men are voted as the most good-looking.

“Swedish men have long been misunderstood. Case in point: they are often stereotyped as cold, emotionally distant loners and inexplicably mistaken for Swiss guys. On the plus side, they are also generally considered aesthetically pleasing due to their fine-boned Nordic attributes and exceptional height advantage. Although there always seems to be some truth to these types of classifications, in the case of these Scandinavian studs, the deeper reality is quite a pleasant surprise. Your average man in Stockholm is an impeccably-dressed clotheshorse that truly indulges in the enjoyment of the finer things in life: from food to fashion, culture to hearth. But what really makes them unique? Despite the fact that one must practice patience when engaging in the slightly bizarre ritual known as the Swedish courting process, once you have captured the heart and imagination of your elegant gent he will be devoted to you for life. What’s more irresistible than that?”

Read more here.

Worlds most beautiful women (Sweden voted 2nd place)

People in charge of service at SAS are retarded

Scandinavian Airlines reintroduced complimentary coffee and tea on all European routes, including domestic flights in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. According to the people  at SAS serving tea and coffee is the number one wish by passengers, which should not come as a surprise.

When they removed this service they also took a huge step towards their doom. What sane airline would take away the very basic service of tea and coffee on any flight – only SAS.

This is what they say:
“Complimentary coffee and tea in Economy is one the most asked for products by our customers and we are very pleased to once again be able to offer this service. This reintroduction is in line with our new strategy, 4Excellence, and is one of the first steps towards an improved product offering. We also believe this will increase our already all-time high customer satisfaction,” says Rickard Gustafson, CEO, Scandinavian Airlines.

SAS read this: Conduct research next time you want to change  your already crappy service. Please read the article about Finnair and do something fun!!! You are as boring as a cardboard box.

SAS to downsize

As part of the already planned cost reductions SAS will reduce the number of full-time positions in the administration with 300.

SAS maintains its forecast of a marginally positive financial result for 2011. However as previously announced the implementation of  cost reducing initiatives  becomes even more crucial in 2012 due to increased economic uncertainty, increased pressure on yields in the airline industry and continued high fuel prices.

Safe and sound

We are back safe and sound with energy to spare. Six months on the road do take its toll, but it was so worth it. As I am sitting here in a cold and dark (cause its winter) Sweden my mind wanders to new adventures and countries not yet seen. I got offered to go to Tanzania and climb Mount Kilimanjaro yesterday. I also have plans for a surfing trip in the next couple of months. But my big focus is on travelling for 2,5 months during june to August in South America. Being a traveller is a way a life. Some days I hate being on the road. Always moving and never having ‘your own place’, but most days its a liberating feeling that is hard to shake.

Blue Mountains Australia

Blue Mountains is another fine example of care

The best country from these trails was Japan and the worst Indonesia. The Japanese people have so much to offer and they are extremely willing to share with anyone curious. Their culture and history breaths an exotic air that is hard to find elsewhere. Mutual respect is a key ingredient in Japan and for a Swede that just feels so right. Indonesia on the other side of the Japanese mountain leaves a bitter taste that makes you wonder what could have been with the amazing environment they care for. In Indonesia dollars rule above all else and people, animals and forests are forced to cave in for the buck. Indonesia could easily be the greatest but their obvious greed pushes them so far down that there is little hope for change.

Travelling on the road with a backpack is freedom!