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Too sexy for the men in charge

Thai low-cost carrier Nok Air has released a sexy calendar featuring models from Maxim magazine.

But not everyone in Thailand is comfortable seeing the female form displayed in such a fashion.


According to Thai media, the Ministry of Culture’s Permanent Secretary, Prisana Pongtatpitakkul, says the calendar demonstrates that some businesses refuse to stop using women’s bodies as a marketing tool.

What do you think?

Coolest hostel i Bangkok

@Hualampong sits right next both Bangkok’s main train station and Chinatown. Its central location is good those looking for good food and easy access to Bangkok’s sights. A cafe and a cool hang-out area with a big screen TV create a social vibe, while the small dorm rooms with ensuite bathrooms will give you a good nights sleep. Breakfast is not included.


Next time you are in Bangkok be sure to check it out.

Coolest marketplace in the world

Just seconds before the train arrives it is a bustling open-air marketplace like any other with stallholders and shoppers haggling over the price of the produce on sale. Maeklong Market is in Samut Songkhram, Thailand, around one hour outside Bangkok.

No more squat toilets in Thailand

Good news for all, especially for the ladies.

Newcomers to Thailand may soon be able to avoid the painful process of figuring out how to use a squat toilet, which is essentially not much more than a bowl in the floor, without splattering urine onto their calves/feet.

On Tuesday, Thailand’s Health Ministry announced it will replace squat toilets with the sit-down version at all public facilities.

Google Street View in Thailand

Thailand became the 35th country in the world to be featured on Google Street View, a technology that offers panoramic views along streets in the cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. At present, Google Street View covers approximately 95% of the streets in the three cities.

Google Street View allows users to zoom in on a city’s streets and also by dragging a ‘pegman’ icon onto a map’s location. Using a keyboard or a mouse, the icon can be manipulated to show streets in horizontal or vertical directions and zoom levels can be adjusted. The user can follow a route taken by the camera car, making it feel like he is one of the passengers traveling on a road.

According to Google, the technology will underscore Thailand’s tourism appeal by showing the way of life along the country’s roads. It also helps travelers in planning travel in the cities and extended road trips. Google plans to use tuk tuks (three-wheeled taxis) to capture images in areas inaccessible by cars such as parks and monuments. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will conduct a public survey to find the most desirable places in Thailand to be shown on Google Street Map. The plan is to have all 77 provinces featured, but no time frame has been committed for this.