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World pillow fight in London

A pillow-wielding mob descended on Trafalgar Square today for feathery fisticuffs in front of London’s most iconic monuments.

Similar scenes were repeated all over the world as part of annual World Pillow Fight Day.

Size does not make a difference

A small-sized British hotel where prices start from just £35 per head has been voted the world’s best for service by global travellers. Lauriston Court Hotel in Llandudno, North Wales, won by votes from thousands of guest reviews collected by the TripAdvisor website.

The hotel only has 11 rooms but it is not the size that matters as the hotel also came sixth in the world’s top-10 bargain hotels category. The owner says that “it is the little things” that makes a difference when it comes to service.

(pic from Daily Mail)

(pic from Daily Mail)

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Sydney is first out to celebrate 2013 with a big bang

A cloudless Sydney sky exploded with shooting comets and raindrops of colour. Some hung in the air like dredlocks and others shot to dizzying heights and fizzled without a bang. Happy new year to all celebrating in Sydney. Below you will find videos showing the fireworks for Sydney, StockholmLondon, Dubai and Moscow.


Check out the video of they Sydney 2013 fireworks display over Sydney Harbour Bridge here.

Over seven tonnes of pyrotechnics and some 25,000 shooting comets erupted over Sydney Harbour Bridge for the 2013 New Years eve celebration.

Ten hours later there is the New Years eve celebration in Stockholm, Sweden. Swedes left their warm homes to go out and see the random fireworks displayed over the city. It was a light rain and +4 degrees. Check out the Stockholm New Years eve fireworks display here.


The amazing London Fireworks 2013 is a must see:

And here is what Dubai oil money will buy. Check out the Dubai 2013 Fireworks New Years eve extravaganta here. 

In Moscow they made a strong effort to show off the red square in a rainbow of colors. The Russian Fireworks 2013 New Years eve celebrations went off with a big bang. Check out the video here.

Travel deals for 2013

UK’s two travel giants have launched a price war with families being promised savings of between £200 and £560 on summer package holidays. Even if you do not live in the UK you can still take advantage of these travel deals, pending on your exchange rate of course.


If you want to stay ahead of the travel price war then read up on this article.

Thomas Cook predicts the most popular short-haul package holiday destination for summer will be Turkey, followed by the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands.

Ryanair voted worst airline is expanding fleet

Ryanair, Europe’s only ultra-low cost airline, announced it had received the final two aircraft of its current Boeing order, growing its fleet to 305 Boeing 737-800s. Ryanair confirmed its intention to place a significant order for further aircraft once a sensible pricing agreement with a suitable manufacturer can be reached.


UKs first nudist hotel

The seven-room hotel, set in a 1920s former private residence, boasts luxury spa facilities – sauna, steam room, hot tub on the patio and a cold plunge pool,  as well as oil-scented treatment rooms for naturist massages and facials. There’s a picturesque garden where guests gather in warmer weather, or heated, mosaic-tiled lounging areas for cooler days.

Rooms cost £120-£150 a night.
For bookings and information go here:

Travelling Europe on a budget

A journey from London to Paris, Boulogne, Brussels or Amsterdam could now cost as little as €2 per person… as long as you don’t mind a long coach journey. It is  Megabus that has stepped in to fill a gap and offer cheap European travel for those who have time on their hands.

Daytime and overnight services from Victoria Coach Station in London will cost from €2 plus a  booking fee.

Check it out here.

English man travels the entire Congo River in his canoe

Phil Harwood from the UK has become the first person to canoe the entire Congo River from source to sea.
Starting from it’s source in Zambia and flowing through a country which has often been described as ‘hell on earth’ – the Democratic Republic of Congo – he braved machete wielding tribes, hippos and crocodiles to make it to the Atlantic.

‘I only had to get my machete out twice to prevent myself from being robbed,’ he said.

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Fog and snow descend on London

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for regions including London and the south east, the east and west Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber and the east of England. More than 60 flights have been cancelled at Heathrow causing chaos, above, as well as some at London City Airport and other airports around the country.

A very crazy but true travel story

Passengers travelling from India to Birmingham with Austrian airline Comtel Air were stunned when staff in Vienna told them to disembark because the airline had ‘ran out of cash to fund the last leg of the trip.’  The six-hour stand off on the tarmac only ended when passengers were marched to a cash machine and forced to withdraw up to £130 each to get the planes home.  The £20,000 paid would average out at £33.33 each between the 600 affected passengers, but some were forced to borrow from relatives, while others rustled up any spare cash they had to add to the pot.

The passengers were told they could not complete their flights to Birmingham unless they stumped up the cash, despite having already paid up to £500 for their tickets

One of the flights finally arrived in Birmingham at 8pm last night and some of the 180 passengers were engaged in angry scenes with the crew.

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High-speed train to link England and Germany

Soon you will be able to travel between London and Germany by train, following a successful trial of a Deutsche Bahn (DB) service through the Channel Tunnel. DB says it will be using the most advanced high-speed trains in Europe, with a top speed of 320km/h.

In London, the services will depart from and terminate at St Pancras station, which is on the London Underground network. The train will run between London and Frankfur via Cologne, Brussels and Lille, with the full journey taking just more than four hours.

Get drunk in Britian

Britain’s most notorious student pub crawl got under way yesterday with hundreds of participants wandering drunk around Cardiff city centre. With the theme ‘Nympho Nurses and Dirty Doctors’, many of the mostly teenage crowd wore barely-there outfits and some were slumped in a heap on the pavement by the end of the night.

So if you feel up to the challenge there is always next year.

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Biggest travel spenders

Results from this year’s Visa Global Travel Intentions Survey reveal that Australians were the highest spenders on travel, splashing out around US$3,636 on their last trip compared to the global average of US$1,895. The United Kingdom was the top destination for Australians.

Fairdinkum, I am going to London baby!

The top three destinations around the world were the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Saudi Arabian respondents were the next highest spenders, dishing out an average of US$3,129 on their last trip, favoring Egypt, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. I thought these guys would win it for sure. I have seen them shop-til-you-drop in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, in the expensive stores.

We do love the warm weather

Thousands of people packed out Brighton beach today to take advantage of the glorious sunshine and the record breaking heat wave that has descended on UK. The mercury peaked at 30C (86F) in parts of the country yesterday, making it not only the hottest day recorded in October, but the third hottest of 2011.

If you are in the area then enjoy taking part in this record!

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Heathrow introduce new bodyscanners

Heathrow airport in London will be introducing new  bodyscanners that replace graphic images of the human torso with a cartoon-like picture.

Britain’s largest airport has launched a trial using millimetre-wave scanners that bounce electromagnetic waves, instead of X-ray beams, off a passenger’s body. Travellers who set off metal detectors will be taken to the passenger screening area, where they will be allowed to look at the scanner’s image with security officers. If there is a suspicious package on the person, it will show up as a yellow box on a mannequin-like representation of the passenger’s body.

This could mean the end of body searches and metal detectors.

Hotel rates during Olympic Games to triple

Data released this month shows that many hotels in London will be asking for almost three times the amount that they usually charge. Standard rates for rooms between July 27 and August 12 will rise dramatically, with huge increases being seen at the Berjaya Hotel in Kensington with the price of rooms rising to £999 a night from their usual charge of £89 to £199.

If you are going to London during the Olympics – bring a tent.

St Pancras station in London voted world’s most romantic location

London’s Grade I-listed St Pancras station has made it onto a list of the world’s most romantic hotspots, compiled by travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.

The Meeting Place – an area of the station which features a nine-metre-tall bronze sculpture of a couple entwined in an embrace – was listed alongside other heart palpitation-inducing destinations including Aphrodite’s Beach in Cyprus, the Taj Mahal in India and even Juliet’s House in Verona, Italy.

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